Choosing The Right Replacement Front Doors

An appropriate external door does more for your house than just allowing guests to enter. Front doors enhance the aesthetics of your house in addition to providing protection. If there are several outdoor entrances that require distinct types of doors (garage, porch, and patio), which are further subdivided into various styles, how do you pick the right one?

Whether you’re thinking of building a new home or just want to enhance the first impression of your current one, it’s crucial to do your research before selecting an entry door. You can feel secure in your new front doors purchase by following this buying guide, which will break down everything you need to know.

1. Prior To Purchasing A New Exterior Door

Over time, front doors sustain a great deal of wear and tear that compromises both their functionality and appearance. It’s time for a new one if the one you have is damaged or doesn’t match your style. If the overall design doesn’t fit with your aesthetic, it makes more sense to replace the door entirely. However, some exterior doors can benefit from a fresh coat of paint to revive their appearance. Since purchasing new doors is a significant investment, it’s best to take your time and make the right choice.

2. Purchasing Considerations for Exterior Doors.

a. Material

Selecting the ideal external door for security, longevity, and insulation greatly depends on the material of your front door. Your home’s insulation plays a year-round role in controlling the temperature inside, and certain materials work better than others. Due to their cores’ superior energy transfer during construction, fiberglass doors typically have higher energy efficiency ratings.

· Since steel doors are stronger than fiberglass and wood, they would be the best choice if security and durability are your main concerns.

· Wood doors are the most aesthetically pleasing option.


The price normally varies greatly depending on the cost of the material used.  Thanks to their attractiveness, many homeowners prefer wood-made front doors.  However, these units don’t come at a cheaper price. If you need them, you will have to part with anything from $4000 to $10000 for a piece. If you need the attractiveness of wood but have a small budget, you would want to consider fiberglass doors.

b. Style

There are distinct styles for each kind of exterior door, which is something else to take into account when choosing one. The most in-vogue design right now is the Craftsman, but for a unified look, pick a style that complements the exterior of your house.

c. Size

It takes more than just the correct measurements to choose the appropriate size for your external door. Certain options (like front entry and patio doors) have two doors rather than one, so be prepared to pay twice as much.

Measure the width and height of your existing slab using a measuring tape before gathering the dimensions for your exterior door. To find out what size you should get for your current frame, round each measurement to the closest inch.

3. Different Kinds of External Doors

a. Doors For the Front Entry

The most prevalent kind of exterior door is the front entryway. They are what creates a first impression of your curb appeal because they are at the main entrance to your house. Front entry doors can be highly customized by choosing the material color and hardware to create a unique look that fits your style.

b. Patio Entry Doors

Patio front doors open to your outdoor retreat, be it an open deck or a screened-in patio.


Though there are alternatives to sliding glass, French doors are a common choice for patio doors.

c. Storm Entry Doors

A storm door would be beneficial if you wanted to give your front door additional protection from bad weather. Made with a sturdy glass center, these doors are placed in front of your front entry door. A full glass plane or a top panel with a lowering screen for increased airflow are two options available for storm doors. The extra layer of insulation that storm doors give your house is another important advantage.

d. Security Entry Doors

Security doors are made to add an extra layer of protection to your house, as their name implies. A security door which comes in various styles, is placed in front of your front entry door, much like screen doors. These exterior doors, which are frequently composed of iron steel or aluminum, can completely enclose your front door or be built with spaced-out bars that let light through.