Reasons to Work With a Plant Wholesaler

If you are looking for plants or engaged in the plant business, beginning with a plant wholesaler is a wise choice. Dutch plant wholesalers work by growing and selling large quantities of plants, which offer a wide range of advantages to the buyer. To understand why you should buy quality flowers and plants from a wholesaler, continue reading below.

Sometimes, it might seem like a good idea to buy plants from your local retailer because of its convenience. However, the benefits of getting your plants from a garden nursery or garden center outweigh the convenience of getting them from a retail shop. Here are more reasons to trust plant wholesalers.

Lower Price

Lower or reduced prices is one of the main reasons a lot of people would prefer a plant wholesaler to a local retail shop. The plant from a wholesaler tends to be cheap since people buy in bulk. Just as the saying goes, the larger the package, the greater the deal. However, this is not always the case with some wholesalers. Check the price of each plant unit to know if the wholesale price is lower or higher. Some wholesalers may trick you into buying wholesale plants at a higher price than the sum of the single units.

Healthy and Quality Plants

Wholesale gardens or nurseries like Dutch plant wholesalers are experts in planting many plants, including flowers. This means they have the right facility and space to grow them so that they can turn out healthier and of higher quality. The plant you get from a wholesaler is guaranteed to be healthier than those in a convenience store. Most of the time, you get your plants from the first nursery bed, which means it is still fresh and healthy, especially for flowers.

Convenient Delivery

Most wholesalers offer delivery services to ensure their customers get what they ordered and in the best condition possible. This means you will not have to worry about damaging the plants during transportation.


 Also, it eliminates the transportation cost associated with moving the plants from the wholesaler garden to your preferred destination, especially if you were to look for professional movers or public transport. You will focus on other things as you wait for your plants to arrive, thanks to the convenient delivery service that can sometimes be hard to find from retail shops.

Expert Advice

Wholesale gardens, being the main source of plants for a large population, must have a knowledgeable staff. This means you will be dealing with professionals who can offer expert advice regarding how you care for and maintain your plants. Also, they will help you select the right plant based on several factors, such as where you want to plant, the reason for planting and your budget.


Most retailers care about money; hence, they will sell you anything regardless of whether or not it fits your description and needs.

In a Nutshell

In summary, opting for a plant wholesaler when seeking plants or engaging in the plant business is a wise choice. Dutch plant wholesalers specialize in growing and selling large quantities of plants, providing several advantages to buyers. Purchasing plants from a wholesaler comes with numerous benefits, such as convenient delivery services, reduced prices, high-quality and healthier plants, expert advice and a diverse plant selection. So choosing a wholesaler ensures you access cost-effective, healthy plants conveniently delivered to your doorstep.